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Newrreal Life Shift Coaching - connecting to the sea

Life Shift Coaching

''my light, my soul is all I'll ever own''

Life shift coaching is a process of empowerment, awareness and balance.

We will work together so that you consciously shift to a freer, lighter and more aware version of yourself.

During our sessions you will be guided and assisted to release old conditioning and belief systems, so that you can tune into and remember your uniqueness, regain your inner strength and become your highest aligned evolving self.

This is a practice that I developed after years of inner work and working with my own teachers and guides in this amazing journey of getting to know myself, my universe and the unity of all creation.  Along the way I started mentoring and supporting people with their own journey. I created many tools, exercises and techniques for the integration of this light information, which I later brought together in my practice which I named ‘Life Shift’. As I am always evolving, so is this practice evolving. This is an ongoing journey and I am devoted to sharing the wisdom that I am gaining, with everyone who cares.


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