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Let's Work Together

Topics we can touch:

  • Identifying and breaking down Ego Mind old conditioning and programming  

  • Introducing the NOW moment - I AM Presence 

  • Understanding the heart organ and the central heart energy portal

  • Establishing a central heart connection

  • Energy Centers In the body

  • Energy Centers Outside physical body

  • Dimensions and their Reality

  • Lower and Higher Self

  • Clearing the lower frequencies

  • Embodying more light

  • Personal Energy Report

  • Pure Source Light connection

  • Inner Guide

  • Maintaining the Heart Connection

  • Frequencies and Dimensions

  • Alignment - Free choice

  • BEING your Higher Self

  • Lightbody Activation

  • Nurturing the Lightbody

  • Heart - Mind Connection

  • Physical Ascension

  • Going Quantum 

  • Unity Consciousness in Action

  • New Earth Realities

  • Personality Gifts and Challenges

  • Numerology

  • Galactic Identity


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