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  • The choice of shifting
    The choice to shift your life to a new reality, has to be yours. No other being can make this choice for you. Only you can choose this for yourself. Our higher selves always have freedom of choice and with our Life Shift process, we will initially uncover and then work with your higher self. This opens a whole new level of response ability, your own self-responsibility. My work is to guide and support you, to provide you with information and various tools in order for you to remember your inner inextinguishable pure Source light. I will be here to guide and support you every step of the way, so that you remember who you truly are and to tune into your power. Your work is to tune into it and hold it yourself. Unlike how things are in the lower frequency matrix we were born into, in this new higher frequency reality, everyone is responsible for their actions and so you will be responsible to assume your inner power and become a sovereign being. It is up to you to invest your energy into embodying your Soul and experience, ground and anchor, y/our Heaven on Earth. 

Newrreal Life Shift Coaching and working with andaras
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