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  • What you will receive

  1. You will receive light information, guidance and support throughout our work together. We will be in touch and you will be free to contact me for anything you might need at all times during our process.

  2. You will also receive tools in the form of exercises, meditations, and visual support. These tools will be yours to keep and use along the way. They will be your starting point into becoming a creator, creating what works for you.

  3. At some point during our work, you will also receive your Numerology information. Numerology is the part of knowledge that deals with the spiritual or symbolic meaning of numbers based on your date of birth. It combines information from astrology, world mythologies’ archetypes, religions of the world, psychology and more. It assisted me greatly in the beginning of my spiritual  journey of self knowledge. Through this knowledge you will receive information on some of your inherent gifts in life, as well as on some challenges and how you can deal with them. These pieces of information will be used in our process to enrich your energetic vocabulary and also be used as signposts, pointing to a deeper understanding of yourself. Ultimately in our process together you will be guided to expand further and beyond this knowledge, into your own higher guidance.

  4. According to your own energetic investment in your process, you will get to a place of being awake and aware, reclaim your power back to you, re-member and begin embodying your Soul here and now. You will be in a place  to re-prioritise your life and create your own Highest Aligned realities if and when you so choose.

  5. You will also receive your right to participation in our newly forming New Earth communities. 

Newrreal Life Shift Coaching and working with andaras
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