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Humanity is ascending  into the next stage of our evolution.

We are transcending the ego matirx

and its world of separation and conflict.

Oneness, becomes the starting point of our new real. 

Oneness within, becomes our core and guiding light. 

Soul in body. All One remembered.

We re-write our story, DNA, Being, according to our level of consciousness and the pure light of our Soul. 

Our new real is a completely different reality than the fear based, separation consciousness reality, which we were all trained to experience for thousands of years. 

We willfully integrate the new energy Unity Consciousness.

We become creators of our new real.

​I invite you to become conscious creators rather than passive spectators in life. 



Evi Haraki Mahera.

Here offering:

  • Information and guidance in order to return home inside 

  • Guidance to identify, deal with and let go of old human programming ​

  • To fill your body with new energy and energy management 

  • To become your Higher self ​ and create y/our highest aligned realities 


From dense physical as the only real,  to energetic first 💜🤍

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