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Lions' Gate 2022

Home is wherever we are. This human body is our home here. Lighthome to our Soul on this Sacred planet. Our body, our interactive smart home!! With multi dimensional physical and meta(physical) immense capacities.

Our souls in-bodied, capable of experiencing, feeling, seeing, connecting, transmitting, transmuting, receiving and so much more. All this magic… amidst an interactive outer reality on a physical planet!! In a meeting place of immense diversity and uniqueness of life. Amidst so many sibling souls. Our body-home, an epitome of advanced technology, given to us for free!! Gifted!

Feeling deep deep deep sacred gratitude and sacred respect for life, for this planet, for humanity coming back to remembrance!

Light birthing and passing through our body - smart light home. Receivers and transmitters, anchoring pure light of Source in our mother, sister, partner Gaia!!

Connecting with others on Soul level, where we know (have remembered) that we are ONE. Regaining our memory of complete and utter UNITY. Community! Bringing back the NEW as it was, at the very beginning, before it was covered with egos and separation. Having learnt the lessons. Being sure of what we are not. Coming back to what we truly are. Maturing into light beings in physical bodies, on an ascending Sacred planet. Lifting the veil of amnesia. Reclaiming our birthright to HEAVEN on Earth.

Hell is a choice too. It is called ego or small self, 3D matrix, separation consciousness, etc. We have free choice right here, right now. Every soul has freedom of choice here.

As we tune into our Soul light, from within this gifted - body - smart home, we actively take part in the flow of the evolution of our species.

Everyone is and everyone can, if and when they choose to. We are all in this together as one Humanity! We are all here for this. This is ‘the’ lifetime!!

Deep respect for everyone’s pace and everyone’s role in this. No judgement. Only love.

Deep respect for SELF remembered as ONE with ALL!!

In this month of the Lion, we stand strong and powerful in the light of our Soul.

We roar! We are here to stay and in-body the NEW EARTH ❤

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