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Leap year (29/2/24)

Updated: Mar 1


Re: Venus+Mars together in Aquarius.


Connection of the feminine and masculine polarity (ιερός γάμος των αντιθέτων-sacred marriage of opposites). We have the potential of first seeing and healing our own female and masculine polarity. We can then grasp the magnitude of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine unification. We are capable of becoming conscious of and embodying this harmonic power, once we transcend our separation, ego, 3D aspect. To experience the wonder and light of  when they come together in synergy to merge their forces and bring forth the New inside and out. 

Pluto in Aquarius which just began and will be here for two decades in order to bring forth a whole new consciousness, value systems, foundations, structures, from the higher realms and also from deep within each one and society at large. So worry not that the old systems (within and out there) are collapsing since the new cannot be built on the corrupt foundations of the old.

Re: Neptune+Mercury+Sun+Saturn in Pisces

Our need to merge and seek transcendence, our need to make the dream real and heal the world. Our illogical faith against all odds that we can make this dream come true, is present and getting stronger. Energetic reality becoming more real than physical reality, when back in the day it was the other way round. Imagination, our image ination reaching the stars and bringing them online inside our bodies and through, into our planet. Coupled with the potential to become conscious and aware and to need to communicate these truths and bring them out to light. Where theology and quantum physics meet to finally find Source.  God/dess, Creator, Consciousness and Embodiment, seen by our mind’s eye,  re-membered and known as our inherent potential in the here and now lifetime.

What represented limitation up till now, can be transmuted into our ability and duty to build the new structures and materialise New Earth. 

Re: Jupiter+Uranus in Taurus

The corrupt values and belief systems, the quest for physical gratification that we see all around the old world, now has the potential to transform into a new value system that respects humanity instead of ego alone. That nourishes self love instead of selfishness, fresh new instead of stagnant old. Change, pushing us out of our comfort zone, our comfortably numb and out of compromising our soul. A change pushing us into the unknown just when we had enough of the old. Evolution calling each one and whole collectives into a path of humanity.     

Leap year, leap into the unknown, leap into the depths and heights of Soul having an earthly experience. Leap into this whole new dynamic of extra high frequencies flooding our planet and supporting us in this transition 🤍

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