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Who is in this movement? Anyone who chooses themselves.

The actions? Any act of kindness. A smile while walking or driving.

Alone or together. Randomly or more organized.

First be the kindness inside and then transmit it. Love in Action.

Creative, inspiration, celebration, circulation, co-creation... 🤍

Any action coming from the beautiful, loving, strong light frequencies of

our NEW real

that is NOW being created by each and everyone of us who chooses this.

WE bring our humanity into action. To affect reality. To create a ripple effect that brings change to our-the world. Simple acts of humanity. Love in action. 

A smile, a hug, planting a seed, helping a stranger, celebrate life in the midst of drama, kindness 🤍 Just do it. Share it. Inspire others too.

Be and then share your love through action. Creating a chain reaction.

We were told to keep our good deeds a secret.

WE bring them to light and inspire each other.

Time for action. To be and create the new real we are all dreaming of. 

p.s. WE come together in the frequency of LOVE. WE reach it inside of us first by opening our heart and just like that, WE are together as ONE.

Not doing things the old way. No need to enroll in some book, committee, hierarchy like in the old world.

WE create the NEW REAL 🤍

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