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Intense endings and new beginnings inside each’s universe.

Death of ego identities, letting go, of what neither fits nor functions anymore. Resurrecting newer versions of self from the ashes of the old. Transitions, transformation.

Immense light codes landing on Earth and Humanity. Freedom codes, love codes, new earth life codes… Portals openning... Light information anchoring.

The energy is supporting our systems to transcend the old life of separation and conflict. Distortions play out loud and clear in order to be addressed, acknowledged and released from the body. Some complete their soul contracts and leave their bodies and the planet, some wake up to new possibilities, others dream and materialise their dream of an altogether new life.

The world's (light) beings are reuniting in the New Earth vibrational frequency. The great remembrance is taking place. Love is starting to spread fast, elevating people out of fixed mindsets of illness and despair. Humanity is being shaken to its core. Some freak out and some break free.

Two versions of Earth, two very different vibrational frequencies are both sharing the same physical space/planet at this time. Both available and playing out. Each is free to align themselves with the version of self/earth they choose.

The Unified Sacred Heart is pumping in everybody’s chest. Some hear it, some ignore it. Some still have it covered with veils of amnesia. Evolution is here and it is accelerating. Our ascension to higher frequencies is here for all who choose it


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