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Our life coaching process lasted about a year and a half. It was a life changing process where wellbeing and balance became essential to my life and are the values I still live by today. 

During the coaching sessions, realizations were coming up in relation to conditionings that were deeply rooted in me from the past and were repeating themselves in my life as behavioural patterns...

The most important thing I still practise today is the deep listening to the heart Evie has taught me. Through her ‘life shift’ practise and ‘heart meditations’ she has helped  me stay with my essence or light force more and watch it manifest in my actions. She was there holding the space for me so that I eventually come to my own realizations that eventually helped my actions which eventually led to living the life I enjoy. 

The process took time as all substantial and sustainable changes should take, so they become the new reality and not just a passing phase. I was willing to do the work and she was generous in her knowledge and support. I thank her deeply for her enormous trust because it is that trust that was also persuading me each session that I would eventually get there, re-discover my inner potential and thrive.

Lia Haraki, interdisciplinary performer, artist and practitioner 

I absolutely loved working with Evi. It was fun and also so insightful. 

Evi has a special gift for making complicated information simple. I felt so supported and expansive. I am very grateful for that.I do recommend working with Evi.

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