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Upcoming series of workshops in Limassol for encouraging the Unity of our CommUnity.

In this series we explore and get to know each other and begin celebrating our cultural differences as our Unified strength.

We are guided to remember our inherent core qualities that unite us into a Unified field of Love, Power and Innerstanding. We come back to speaking our Universal language.

We begin our New Co - Creation of resonant realities.

Become ambassadors of the Unity for our CommUnity.

Image by Shane Rounce



This is a series of workshops for Limassol women from alI walks of life.

We live in our multicultural city and see each other every day, yet we know nothing or so little about each other.

In this series we come together to play, get to know each other and remember what unites us.

We Re - Member as a unified field that innerstands peace, ease, mutual respect, integrity, abundance and joy.


We support each other expand, by sharing our energy and wisdom. We celebrate our diversity and acknowledge the wealth that comes from unity rather than separation.

We turn the unknown into familiar and transform our realities and our city life with ease and grace.

In this series of workshops we:

  • We get to know each other through guided games and tasks.

  • Receive information and knowledge of internal and external Unity Consciousness applied in everyday Living. 

  • Engage in teamwork - play, talk, share and exchange.

  • Remenber our Universal language and how to 'speak' it.

  • Explore and evolve our potential of co - creating new reality templates.

  • Become ambassadors and teachers of CommUnity through our own experience and wisdom earned.

Stay tuned for more information as we go along.

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