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Post Eclipses closure and 11/11 Portal of Ascension

Updated: Feb 15

Entering the last two months of 2022, a huge acceleration of takes place to complete all 2022 light codes that have been released.

The eclipses brought up all sorts of distortions, issues of the old self, to be released. The ego has been humiliated and eclipsed, only to find out that when you add dark + light, Light still IS.

Like a liquidation of old programs through a strainer, for the pure stuff to come out to the other side. This pure stuff that’s left, the distillation (our true real essence), is the base of the new physical crystalline structure of our more evolved self.

A structure that accommodates more light data and physically opens the gate to more and higher dimensions. Our gift and birthright to multidimensionality.

Here the DNA rewrites itself according to the new light codes, updates and upgrades. An actual transformation on a molecular and atomic level. From carbon based to crystalline. A major process for the physical body which needs to achieve and accommodate vast amounts of light data. Lot’s of pure clean water, rest, sleep and surrender to the process. Respect the body’s need for peace. Free body from having to perform according to old obsolete ways and programs.

Peace: The harmony inside us is achieved when we decide to stand tall in the centre of the ‘scales’ instead of one of its sides. When we decide to connect our opposites inside, only to find out that pure light remains and opens the door to the higher dimensions inside us, both in consciousness and physically too.

United with All, already t/here Consciously on Soul and Body level, co-creating the New Earth.


A mega portal to pass through, to the other side, inside y/ourself.

Leaving behind all that the eclipse period showed you,

that does not (feel good) reasonate with you anymore.

Tune to your core where

Everything is unified inside,

where peace is attained

and the New materialises.




RE CREATE reality

RE MEMBER on Soul level,

as One Unified Field of Consciousness


You have every right to leave the old behind!



Begin y/our New Real

As Microcosm, so Macrocosm

Trust SOUL imBODYment

We are hit with Source Consciousness

What we decide for our universe will be!

We are creators of our Life, Universe, Experience

We can leave small self go now.

Whole Self is LIMITLESS and FREE.


our greatest revolution as a species.

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