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Partial Eclipse 25 October 2022

Updated: Feb 15

Happy Solar Eclipse

OpportUNITY for Restart, Re invent self and life Balance Harmony Love Endings and New Beginnings Rebirth and Transformation Up to you to ride the wave consciously from inside yourself, as Soul ever evolving and experiencing In joy Up to you to leave drama and ego behind. First it's a choice and then a 100% Decision!! ------------------------------------- To live and materialise our New Earth dream, We stop accepting the/our old shit as real anymore. This is against everything we have ever been told or taught!! This is Soul taking over our egoic human aspect merging our polarities into oneness and transcending duality. From separated to unified. Inside first and then out there. --------------------------------------- We have the right to live our own newrreal since old real has nothing of value for our embodied soul anymore. From any Now, we can start all New!! Our life, our dream, our birthright We’re passing through… Hold on to your Soul! Embody it fully here now We're doing this be cause... why not

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