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June 2022

We started with the opening of the 6/6 portal. Time to balance our present (overall) awareness (consciousness, conscience) and our actual physical life, even more.

Our playing or living on autopilot has to be re-examined to see if it matches our evolving self. It’s time for our lifestyle to match our innerstanding.

Every single moment in this body is ‘ours’! It’s our present. Through our gifted body, to experience life on this planet. To ‘own’ and to create through our unified self that is evolving all the time.

Becoming ONE with itself (all of our aspects) and ALL others again. A-gain.

We are re-gaining our wholeness. Gaining our Humanity.

We are becoming NEWer versions of who we are all the time, non stop now… and accelerating exponentially.

To pretend that everything is same old, just to obey a habit or a pattern, is playing it small… when we are in fact expanding and becoming much more than small. We are becoming Souls embodied. Bigger than what we have ever dreamed of, or lived while in physical bodies.

This amazing ride to evolution is accelerating big and it will not stop any time soon. The high frequency, light energy blasts on our planet are way higher than the human recording instruments can record. Way higher than the predictions of those expecting all of this to happen at this amazing point in the story of the Cosmos. Humanity woke up and is re-membering herself.

Every one of us is here to take part in this epic, monumental, one of a kind, evolutionary leap in consciousness AND its embodiment, our WHOLE species!!!

Embracing these energies support in igniting, lighting up, becoming the starlight being that you are, your soular self, living this awesome wonder of your unified self with all life. Resisting these may cause discomfort, pain, struggle and possibly burnout.

If there is one thing to keep with you in every now, through every circumstance as we go along this, it is ‘vibrate higher’ no matter what.

It is easy and simple to read and write in your field.

The lower we vibrate, the more fear, pain, sad and contracted we feel… and that is what comes back in our outer reality.

The higher we vibrate, the more loving, lighter, happier and more free we feel to embrace every moment as a miracle. We feel expanded and it comes back as an expanded, loving, magical outer reality.

The most basic choice in every moment is to come from love or from fear. Be love, be respectful to self and others, be kind! Stop making excuses. You know what vibrates love and what

fear deep inside you. They feel completely different.

Remember to vibrate higher. Find a happy loving place in your heart-mind, and bring it up every single time. Wherever you are. Whoever you are with… within no one can stop you vibrating higher. Let the heavy, dense go. Let it go.

With this letting go, might fall away a part of your ego every time.

Even better. Don’t worry. You don’t die when your ego dies. You are not your ego. Less ego… means even lighter. Who needs big egos, when we are returning to wholeness where we are ALL ONE Life Being Alive? When we are creating a space for all soul tribes to live in peace. To remember that they are ALL ONE SOUL overall. When we are claiming back our Earth Heaven. No one needs big egos in our New Earth. Let it go. These present cosmic energies support this.

Vibrate higher, feel lighter, relax, slow down. Can you deal with your issue right now? No? Ok. Stop burdening and punishing you at this moment. In this now… vibrate higher. Can you find a solution to your issue? Great. Feel happy, relax, slow down and enjoy yourself, doing the solution.

The frequencies are so intense now, that the energetic response of our inside, instantly reflects our outside reality (comes back to us). We create. We are the transmitter, the projector and the receiver.

Habits, programming, patterns, we follow, are things we took on at another now (past version of self) that doesn’t exist anymore. Ask yourself in this NOW. What is my present choice in this? If you don’t want to take it, break it! (the pattern or past choice that keeps you low).

This evolutionary leap is not for the few or just some people. This is the WHOLE-HOLY HUMANITY EVOLVING TOGETHER. Leaving behind ego, separation, distortion, 3D matrix systems inside each and outside as a result. Find, remember your humanity inside you. This is key. Then live by it.

P.S. And for OUR heaven's sake, once and for all, let’s snap out of the duality game. Separation is fake. Uniqueness is real and deserves respect. We are all unique. We all deserve respect.

There is no us and them. WE are ALL there is. Don’t feed the separation trip.

If you need support with this, there is only one force big enough to help here. That can hold all this vastness together. The only power that can handle bringing all these opposing worlds, beings together, holding them together.

It is LOVE.

Starting from self - (pure, true, crystal clear) love. Expand it from there. It only grows if you open your heart completely and let love grow.

It’s free and has unlimited supply. No judgement, no conditions and no fear.

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