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Full Moon Shifting

Updated: Feb 15

These days have been about serious cleansing and purging. Bringing to the surface deep deep dense and old energies, to be seen and let go. Ancestral distortions given from generation to generation as real! All sorts of fears paraded and exhausted themselves in all the outcomes possible, only to leave us still standing and feeling more free. Still breathing, still loving life.

Seeing the inherited fears run wild before my ‘eye’, extending themselves in all fearful directions possible, I feel… ‘Ok?’, ‘So what?’...’who cares?’, ’and then what?’

Still standing, still breathing, still loving.

Being left with a feeling that nothing can shake off the love of life. Even death can’t tear it apart. Love and Life on and on. Together beyond.

Also a feeling that Life on this planet is Sacred. Love on this planet is inexhaustible.

The fears play out like on a movie screen to be seen and exhaust themselves in the process. We look, they disappear. Leaving empty spaces in the places inside that they used to occupy. When nothing is outside you, nothing can scare you.

Life is still there after fear runs out. Life goes on lighter and brighter.

The lines that used to divide - people, countries, cultures, sexes, worlds, realms, -

fade away inside. There are no lines or borders or dividing constructs.

Merging with the Soul.

Deep deep deep respect for All living beings. It’s an ancient feeling

- of all of us moving together as one movement. Like a deja vu…

At the same time an ancient longing to NOW unify all beings and tribes on this Sacred Earth. From inside out. Inside Being the power access point to start from truly and purely.

Listening to music from all over the world, seeing people singing and dancing from the depths of their soul. Our oversoul singing and dancing. Longing to unite again in the physical. I know this joy. It sits at the base under all the fake separation that covered it throughout centuries…millennia.

All these minor little shifts cause gigantic shifts inside us. I am not who I was a minute ago.

I forgive myself for everything. For all the moments I betrayed my soul. Forgiving all the non awareness around me too. Everyone is a part of everyone. I’m remembering this. I don’t fear you. We are one. No lines separating this and the after life either. All here now. No fear.

All past dissolves, leaving me NEW. Older and newer. A new version. A process in progress. Getting to know me all over, all the time. What used to be my constructed life… is not solid anymore. I flow in the now. I’m not who I was. I’m always BE coming. ME WE.

Unless I forget and get carried away. Then let go again. No judgement. Flow. It’s ok.

Manually adjusting my everything according to this person I am becoming.

I always dreamed of freedom and this tastes and smells like it. Nothing to fear.

Everything to readjust to this new, that me/we are becoming.

Our sacred Being together on this planet.

Nothing like what I thought freedom would be. Has nothing to do with selfishness or irresponsibility. All of this is waaaayyyyy more than what I ever dreamed of in this life.

Years ago (like in past lives) I was begging for answers outside myself. Looking to the sky and expecting answers and miracles. Now I feel our inside technology (our 100% capacity) is being turned ON. Inside and outside merge in a whole New way.

The ancient teaching ‘know yourself’ is beginning to make real sense these days. The answers, the magic, the miracles are here. Let the fears go.

Let the ego and separation dissolve. Look at it. It dissolves.

Melt in the grandness of Love and start living Anew real.

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