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We are way in our evolution as a collective Humanity. Light is reaching our planet like never before. Lighting every corner of reality and making visible all that was in the dark until now. Humanity is shocked to find out that everything we have ever been told and taught was actually the opposite of truth. Everything we were ever given to consume was not pure. Those in power never actually felt love for us. The decisions made, the wars faught, the lies presented as truth, were all for the benefit and profit of a tiny minority. Humanity has been bullied and abused and now we can all see it!

WE as a collective Humanity are finally taking a stance. WE are beginning to understand that WE are the real power on this planet. Our LOVE (the love of the everyday people, the children, the animals, the plants) is the greatest force there ever was and ever will be.

Thankfully nothing will ever be the same again! Our new real is about to be formed and performed.

After the anger and even wrath of realizing how maliciously we were treated is worn out, our NEW is beginning to emerge. WE are the co-creators, the lovers, the visionaries, the builders, the architects, the everything of this new real.

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