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Having entered a game changer year. Higher dimensional codes are released for all humanity to integrate. DNA re-writes are continuous now, transforming and upgrading our systems and realities. High frequency light codes are released from

our Sun to reach us in an accelerated and unprecedented mode.

Huge collectives awakening to freedom codes, Christ consciousness codes, light codes that do not fit into the old limited structures of obsolete systems and programs. The old paradigm is in collapse mode since it cannot function in the new vibration.

3D separation structures and realities struggle to stay in place but start failing due to the Earth’s and Humanity's expansion into higher frequencies and dimensions.

Each attempt to control the flow of life, strengthens the flow and momentum of life’s creative energy. Humanity passes through 4D where all emotions are let loose at the point where light meets the dark. The collective shadow of millenia is coming up to be seen by all and released.

It is up to each to take full responsibility of their self and not play into the old manipulation game. This time round, the work is an inside job, that each has to assume and accomplish for and within his/herself. Everyone is a microcosm in a transition mode from old to new. For example if you see pollution in the world, your job is to clear it from inside you… as in toxic foods, thoughts, feelings, energy. A key to this, is going inside rather than seeking and absorbing the outside, which is in a chaotic collapse mode right now. New Earth is available here on our organic, natural and beautiful earth. Earth is already vibrating with the new energy. To trust yourself, your conscious breath, your sacred heart of gold, rather than the outside noise, goes against all your human programming that trained you to be a rule abiding slave of a separation (3D) matrix. This might be the hardest thing we are being called to be and do, yet it is what we came here to be and do… to be our true glorious souls incarnated on a heavenly planet.

We are about to show the multiverse that ALL soul tribes can coexist because of love. We hUmaNITY are about to become Divine Humanity. We are evolving and with us the worlds are evolving. New Earth is where all becomes Sacred again. Through our hUmaNITY inside, we vibrate in New Earth here and NOW. Unity inside and out in all levels, aspects and dimensions is available to each and every one who chooses this.

Life is then lived from the zero point, highest aligned NOW moment. Trust your intuition. Trust the deepest purest light inside you.

Evi New Earth

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