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Numerology Information

Numerology is the part of knowledge that deals with the spiritual and symbolic meaning of numbers based on your date of birth. It combines information from astrology, world mythologies’ archetypes, religions of the world, psychology and much more. This knowledge will enrich your energetic vocabulary and awareness. 

In the beginning of my spiritual journey it assisted me greatly in understanding energy and spirit. These pieces of information are to be used as signposts, pointing to a deeper understanding of ourselves in our journey of evolution. If this journey is important enough for us, we reach a point where we transcend our need for outside spiritual information to show us our own spirit and evolve into connecting with our own higher guidance. We become embodied spirits who are highest aligned all the way to Source.


In this meeting I offer you information in order to become more aware while navigating your life journey. Numerology here is used to share information on some of your inherent gifts as well as challenges in this life, with guidance on how it is highest aligned to address both. Additionally, light is shed on the repeating cycles in the spiral of your evolutionary journey. 

In our communication prior to our meeting, we will decide how we are going to be meeting, online or in person and also the way in which you will make your investment. Once you do, we will meet and I will present you with your numerology information. You are free to take notes, voice record our physical meeting or record our zoom meeting. 

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