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I was pulled towards the unknown for as long as I can remember. That which I knew to be true deep inside and yet didn’t even have a name. Now it does. It’s called our Highest Alignment to our Soul and all the way to Source, here and now, while in our physical body.  

Like most humans I was fast asleep, living in realities I didn't like or working in jobs I hated. Yet always searching for answers to my deepest questions. Many authors and teachers and masters shed light on my quest to find my Soul. Eventually I began to look inside me and the miracle of Life started becoming visible. From human to being, from being to light being, from loving to being love and heaven on Earth unfolds.

 As it does, it’s only natural to feel like supporting everyone who cares. As I am evolving, I am committed to sharing, assisting and inspiring others too.

​I encourage and guide towards self love and self government. To clear the self of unconscious programming, to expand our perception, open our hearts and shift our entire life into higher states of being. Remembering the wholeness of the amazing Being we all are.

I am offering light information through coaching and writings that support in letting go of old unconscious human programming, re-owning the whole self, self-mastery and creating New realities here now.

​It is my great honour to work with you, the people who care and bring our humanity back to Unity Consciousness.


Evi Haraki Mahera


  • Member of LNEC (Living New Earth Consciousness) Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Consciousness Energetic Mastery Platform with Expanding Light Communities

  • Member of ECT (Evolving Consciousness Together) Mastery School

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

  • Creative Arts OCA

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