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I am a wayshower. As I embody my Soul and have access to more Light information, I become who I always was and always will be. A Light Being. The more I embody my Pure Source Light, the more I wish to assist others in re membering with their Pure Source Light.

How I came here.

I was pulled towards the unknown for as long as I can remember. That which I knew to be true deep inside and yet didn’t even have a name. I gave my power away every time, trying to find out about my soul out there, instead of in here.

'Normal' life and trying yet failing to fit in it, was my reality for a long time. Even though I was not aware then, my universe made many choices for me and eventually I was free of the compulsion to fit into the box.

I am currently active in embodying and anchoring more light and transiting myself in higher dimensions.  I am learning to navigate this amazing Being behind the human. There comes a moment in this journey, that one feels the urge to assist others as well. I am offering light - information through writings and mentoring, that supports in letting go of old unconscious human programming, re-owning the whole self  and creating New realities here now.

In the midst of a global shift in consciousness, I am committed to embodying my Soul and even Higher Aspects of my Being and sharing the process with a view to assisting/inspiring others too.

I encourage and guide towards self love and self government. I feel this is a crucial time to clear the self of unconscious programming, to expand our perception, open our hearts and shift our entire life into higher states of being. To remembering the amazing Being we all are.


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