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Experience Education


  • Studied Law (LLB-Lancaster Uni) and practiced the legal profession briefly. Soon realising that I was more interested in universal rather than man made laws. 

  • Served on the Cyprus Youth Board, worked with young people in rural areas and participated in many seminars, workshops and training courses of the EU Youth Information and Counselling Agency. I found that governmental systems were limiting to me and needed a job that allowed more creativity and freedom of expression.  

  • Double checking all the above, I worked as office administrator in a law firm years after, only to realize that when light is unveiled within, linearity and restriction go out the window. I am now sure that new realities birthed from love, are my real profession.


Researched the healing qualities of colours, as well as the function and colour of the energy centres inside our body. Created the project ‘kidstuff’ which is art for children and the child within everyone. Making paintings that function as positive energy generators.

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